I don't always wear my Great Gatsby finery, but even though I'm a photographer, this is the only recent picture I have of myself.


After graduating from Harvard and Harvard Business School, I pursued a career in business for many years, first as a management consultant with a big firm, then as a vice president of Wells Fargo Bank, and finally as the co-founder of Veritas Associates, a small consulting practice specializing in corporate strategy.  Eventually my creative side began screaming for attention, so I earned a Certificate in Fashion Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York City and also became a professional-quality photographer.  Upon moving to Canada for my husband's job, I had no work permit and botched lasik surgery made photography impossible for awhile.  I began working with polymer clay and became hooked on designing jewelry and wearable art.


To me, color is the most important element of design, and I agree with the person who said "Working with polymer clay is like holding color in your hands."   However, I always have to be learning something new, so I have added metals, beads, wire and leather to my palette of materials and I'm thinking about adding fabrics.  I believe my body of work illustrates this promiscuity when it comes to crafts and materials.


I am a proud dual citizen of the USA and Canada.